What to do if I break an item in the flat?

When you break an item in your flat, you have to report it via WhatsApp on this number: +356 9999 9472.

Any repair under 58€ must be deducted from the deposit.

If this is wear and tear, we will replace it.

How is the deposit refund calculated?

We take note of the water and electricity meters on the check-in and check-out days and calculate how much you consumed versus how much you paid with your monthly utilities. If you consumed too much, the amount is deducted from your deposit. If you consumed less than expected, the amount is refunded with your deposit.

Cleaning fees, maintenance, labor or any broken items are also deducted from your deposit.

Can I have people sleeping in my room for a few days (family, friends…)?

Guests are strictly forbidden in the common areas. However, you can have guests sleeping into your room for a few days. They will have to pay for their stay, just contact us to tell us the dates and we will let you know the cost.

Can I extend my rental contract, and if so, what are the terms?

You can extend your contract under the same terms for a maximum of 6 months. As long that the room is not already booked.

How can I pay my monthly rent?

You can pay the rent either with cash by coming every 1st of the month to our office (if the 1st of the month is on a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday then you must come the day before)

How does the self-check – in work?

Self-check-in allows you to enter your apartment at any time of the day or night when you arrive in Malta.  Installed safe key Box outside the buildings where we put the keys so you can pick them up easily. A few days prior to your arrival, you will receive the code to open the key Box.

How to use the AC?

AC is available in all our apartments, but it is not included in the monthly utilities. If you want to use the AC, you can throw coins into the coin meter and you will then be able to turn on the AC. Kindly make sure that both the coin meter and the AC switches are ON before inserting coins into the coin meter.

How to turn on hot water?

In order to have hot water in your bathroom, you need to switch on the water heater with the switch located at the bottom of the wall, right near the bathroom door.

What number do I need to call for emergency?

You can contact us 24h/24 and 7d/7 via WhatsApp on this number: +356 9999 9472

Can I have mail sent to my apartment?

Letter boxes are not available for short let rentals. If you want/need to have mail sent to you, please have it sent to our office and we will let you know when we receive something for you so you can come and pick it up.